How To Triumph After Trauma

Before Your Triumph After Trauma… Imagine your life is like a river on a spring day. Your days are the water flowing with rainbow-refracting diamonds, cascading towards your inevitable death. The water changes according to the seasons: gushing darkly in a cold winter storm, then chortling playfully in the innocent summer sun. There’s nothing more perfect […]

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Narcissistic boss

3 Successful Ways To Manage A Narcissistic Boss

About That Narcissist…What’s the most humiliating thing that could ever happen to you? It might be your mum entering your room while you’re masturbating, or inadvertently sexting an ex boyfriend. These personal events pale into insignificance compared with the more extreme end of public humiliation, such as David Cameron’s obscene act with a dead pig’s […]

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The 5 Weird Ways I Became More Psychic After My Boyfriend’s Suicide

On Being Psychic…Death has a way of bringing us to our knees. I’ve been ripped apart by the immense pain Death has wrought and now there’s only the thinnest veil remaining between the invisible world and me. I’ve learned that Death calls forth the gift of the growth of your psychic ability. One of my […]

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Bullied at work

3 Bizarre Principles That Made Me A Tidy Profit From Being Bullied

Bullied At Work?I have a passionate and perhaps perverse interest in the area of workplace bullying. People often ask me why I got into the study of workplace bullying. Oddly enough, it’s not because of my personal experiences. Though I have been bullied at work – A LOT in my life (like most people, I […]

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Mama bear

5 Signs You’re The Mama Bear of Your Work Family

What Is A Mama Bear?A Mama Bear is a spirit animal who represents maturity, skill, competence, intelligence and ferocious loyalty to her young. She will rip to shreds anyone who dares to interfere with her cubs; her teeth ripping into the interloper’s bloody flesh, without remorse or concern. In the context of the workplace, it doesn’t […]

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7 Psychic Strategies To Leave Your Shitty Job

When you’re being bullied at work, your body is in a constant state of siege and there’s nowhere left to turn. You desperately need to leave because if you stay, your spirit dies a slow death. I know what it’s like to have a shitty job, but with all the bills coming in, if you […]

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