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Caring coach

7 Signs A Coach Cares More About YOU Than Your Cash

A Caring Coach Or A Price-Gouging One? Have you ever wanted a caring coach but been price-gouged by one instead? It’s a common complaint – one I’ve made myself and one I hear often from from my friends online. Maybe you’ve been lured in by dazzling promises, but when it comes time to deliver: NOTHING. […]

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Free Spirited Empaths Podcast

WOOHOO! New Podcast: Free Spirited Empaths

I Started My Own Podcast! I’ve just started my new podcast: “Free Spirited Empaths.” I’m so excited to share this with you, Empaths!  Get all the episodes here My podcast is for Empath Entrepreneurs, starting out in online business. You’ve probably had less than 18 months experience so far. What you’ve also had is few to […]

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muscular writing

3 Ways To Create Mesmerising, Muscular Writing

On Muscular Writing… Muscular writing – who doesn’t love it? Yum… I do! However, your writing may be flabby and unfit at this point. Flabby writing is unattractive and unlikely to turn heads. Unlike muscular writing, it huffs and puffs before quickly running out of steam. Your readers’ eyes will glaze over. Your sparkling genius […]

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Registered professional

Are You A Registered Professional Struggling To Get Clients Online?

You’re A Registered Professional With A Passion For Online Business… As a registered professional, you may feel stymied by the stringent requirements of your professional association when it comes to marketing your online business. You can’t just advertise your services online the way other businesses do, leaving you at a distinct disadvantage. This is because […]

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Polymath pioneer

Empath Entrepreneur As Polymath Pioneer

Polymath Pioneer? Congratulations Empath, You Are One! Empath entrepreneur, you’re the polymath pioneer of your time. Here’s why: A polymath pioneer can be thought of as a high level “Jill of All Trades.” As a new empath entrepreneur, you’re undergoing a rapid apprenticeship in many areas of expertise. By the time you’ve achieved Mastery, you’ll have what […]

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5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content Creation

Brilliant Content Creation Tips:   Have you ever suffered from “writer’s block” when in content creation mode? What about procrastination, or deleting what you just spent an hour working on in a fit of self-loathing? Ha! We’ve all been there. In this article, I’ll be covering the five ways you can EXPLODE your content creation and […]

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