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positive affirmations

Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work

Sucked In By The Positive Affirmations Treadmill?   Thoughts are powerful; they create your reality. Control your thoughts and you create your reality. A positive mindset begets positive end results. Positive affirmations are good. These popular tenets are espoused by the likes of Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins and countless other self-help gurus. The problem […]

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Develop your intuition

The 5 Obstacles Blocking Empaths’ Intuition

What Is Intuition? Imagine feeling such an abiding sense of inner security that no matter what’s happening in your life, you deeply KNOW that everything’s OK. That’s what it’s like when you trust your intuition. So what is intuition?   I define intuition as a set of inner, metaphysical competencies that act like a rudder, helping to […]

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The Mindfulness Method For Mental Health

The Mindfulness Method For Good Mental Health

What is good mental health?  Good mental health is the ability to be fully in reality as it is, without requiring it to be anything other than it is right now. It’s another word for “mindfulness.” Having this ability ensures that you respond appropriately to situations, with the right kind of emotion and at the right […]

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What Kind Of Empath Are You?

Empath: Normal Or Paranormal?  The term Empath usually describes someone with a paranormal level of emotional sensitivity. This makes it painful to live in the world. Google: “Signs you’re an empath” and you’ll get 905,000 results with “listicles” ranging from three to 50 items. They describe traits such as: “feeling others’ feelings,” “being overwhelmed by others’ negativity,” […]

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The psychopath

How The Psychopath Succeeds And Why The Empath Doesn’t

How The Psychopath Succeeds  The success of the psychopath is both troubling and unerringly common. We see powerful men abuse their power more times than we can count. Lately, we have the Harvey Weinstein scandal and other high profile, powerful men. I hear one thing repeatedly in relation to psychopathic success. It’s: “I can’t believe he’s […]

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The Empath

What The Empath Needs To Know About Workplace Psychopaths

Are You An Empath Or A Psychopath?   If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re the Empath type. But what is that exactly? To answer that question, it’s useful to first consider the definition of a psychopath. The foremost authority on psychopaths is Dr Robert Hare, a Canadian psychologist who developed the now famous […]

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