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Create connection online

5 Tips To Create Connection Online For Empaths

How To Create Connection OnlineHow do you safely create connection online? If you’ve been bullied at work, it’s likely you’ll feel super-sensitive to the possibility of being abused again, especially online. The two most frequent complaints I hear from clients is that workplace bullying leaves them feeling: 1) Isolated and 2) Full of self-doubt Exacerbating this fear is […]

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Emotional vampires

3 Ways Emotional Vampires Create Work Stress

Emotional Vampires Wreak HavocDo you know someone who makes you feel completely and utterly drained but don’t know why? Even spending a short time with them is exhausting. I bet you do – ESPECIALLY if you work in a hostile workplace! That, my friends, is how emotional vampires operate and probably the primary cause of […]

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Emotional mastery success

The Emotional Mastery Secret That Will Change Your Life

Do You Long For Emotional Mastery?In this article I want to share with you this deceptively simple but incredibly powerful emotional mastery secret. It’s the gateway to gaining mastery over overwhelming emotion, especially when you’re in a situation of high work stress. Firstly, let’s take a moment to define emotion.Emotion = energy in motion. Emotion […]

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How To Shift From Work Stress To Calm In 3 Seconds Flat

Shift To Calm NowWhen you’re on the treadmill of workplace stress, it’s hard to calm the cycle of escalation. With deadlines to meet and bad bosses to appease, nothing you do seems good enough. It would be better if you didn’t work in that toxic job, but there’s always the spectre of economic uncertainty haunting […]

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How To Triumph After Trauma

Before Your Triumph After Trauma… Imagine your life is like a river on a spring day. Your days are the water flowing with rainbow-refracting diamonds, cascading towards your inevitable death. The water changes according to the seasons: gushing darkly in a cold winter storm, then chortling playfully in the innocent summer sun. There’s nothing more perfect […]

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The 5 Weird Ways I Became More Psychic After My Boyfriend’s Suicide

On Being Psychic…Death has a way of bringing us to our knees. I’ve been ripped apart by the immense pain Death has wrought and now there’s only the thinnest veil remaining between the invisible world and me. I’ve learned that Death calls forth the gift of the growth of your psychic ability. One of my […]

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