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How To Reduce Your Exposure To Assholes

Lately, a question my readers have been asking A LOT is, “how do I deal with the asshole at work?” especially since these people are demanding, draining and difficult. This question has inspired me to create a book recommendation video and article of Robert Sutton’s brilliant and highly readable new release: “The Asshole Survival Guide: […]

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The psychopath

How The Psychopath Succeeds And Why The Empath Doesn’t

How The Psychopath Succeeds  The success of the psychopath is both troubling and unerringly common. We see powerful men abuse their power more times than we can count. Lately, we have the Harvey Weinstein scandal and other high profile, powerful men. I hear one thing repeatedly in relation to psychopathic success. It’s: “I can’t believe he’s […]

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The Empath

What The Empath Needs To Know About Workplace Psychopaths

Are You An Empath Or A Psychopath?   If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re the Empath type. But what is that exactly? To answer that question, it’s useful to first consider the definition of a psychopath. The foremost authority on psychopaths is Dr Robert Hare, a Canadian psychologist who developed the now famous […]

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Create connection online

5 Tips To Create Connection Online For Empaths

How To Create Connection OnlineHow do you safely create connection online? If you’ve been bullied at work, it’s likely you’ll feel super-sensitive to the possibility of being abused again, especially online. The two most frequent complaints I hear from clients is that workplace bullying leaves them feeling: 1) Isolated and 2) Full of self-doubt Exacerbating this fear is […]

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Amber Harrison Channel 7

5 Crucial Mistakes Amber Harrison Made That Cost Her A Win Against Channel 7

July 2017: Goliath wielded his mighty power, crushing David into a thousand tiny pieces: such was the outcome of the battle between Amber Harrison Channel 7 and her employer. Her epic legal battle has caused her the loss of her career, reputation, income and perhaps even her sanity, leaving her on the verge of bankruptcy. […]

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Bad boss won’t give you a reference

What To Do When Your Bad Boss Won’t Give You A Reference

Your Bad boss won’t give you a reference… So What?A question I get asked a lot is: “What to when your bad boss won’t give you a reference?” If you’ve been working in a hostile environment, the chances are your boss has said to you: “You’re lucky to have a job!” and: “There are no […]

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