Polymath pioneer

Empath Entrepreneur As Polymath Pioneer

Polymath Pioneer? Congratulations Empath, You Are One!

Empath entrepreneur, you’re the polymath pioneer of your time. Here’s why:

A polymath pioneer can be thought of as a high level “Jill of All Trades.” As a new empath entrepreneur, you’re undergoing a rapid apprenticeship in many areas of expertise. By the time you’ve achieved Mastery, you’ll have what it takes to create a consistent, sustainable and profitable location-independent income.

When you’re first starting out (if you’re anything like me), you have no idea what you need to focus on first. It’s not as if there’s a university degree (like A Masters in business) in how to become an online entrepreneur. There’s no one step-by-step course that’ll reliably take you through the exact process to getting your first clients online.

Shiny Object Syndrome, Really?

As a result you probably develop what some have unflatteringly called “the shiny object syndrome.” You’ll have spent thousands of dollars in all sorts of dubious online courses and high-priced services whilst getting nowhere close to making a sustainable income online. Let alone the oft-touted chupacabra of six or seven figures!

Four example, here are some of the skills I acquired while not making a single penny online – How to:

  • Develop a niche
  • Generate free publicity (yes, I’ve appeared on television, radio and in print)
  • Create awesome online courses
  • Generate hundreds of new leads and sales funnels that work
  • Write viral articles
  • Create viral videos
  • Produce irresistible lead magnets
  • Run profitable Facebook ads
  • Use magic to attract your ideal clients
  • Create wealth through workshops
  • Define and target your ideal client avatar
  • Generate new referrals through business networking
  • Create a well crafted presentation
  • Have sales conversations that convert
  • Run profitable Facebook groups
  • Etc…

What I Missed…

Having learnt all these great skills, I had no idea how to effectively bring them all together in a way I could reliably attract clients online. It wasn’t for want of trying, persistence or lack of skill. I poured my heart and soul into completing all the assignments required in these different online modalities.

The reality is I persisted when I should have failed fast. I overlooked the subtle distinction needed to turn a profit. And I entirely missed the three essential ingredients necessary for online success (which I cover in my “Fast Guide To Empath Entrepreneur Startup” – download below).

That said, my thorough apprenticeship has turned me into a veritable online Renaissance Polymath Pioneer. I now use these amazing skills to help new empath entrepreneurs acquire their first clients online.

So how does all of this apply to you? Well, in order to succeed you need to abide by this secret maxim:

“Your irresistible offer is an outcome people are willing to pay for”

Here’s The Structure You Need:

To really get going, all you need is the basic structure that makes good on this promise. This structure includes:

  1. A webpage where you articulate your offer, including all the aspects your dream clients are likely to ask you about. If you get stuck on what to write about, check out my last article, “5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content Creation
  2. An online presence that allows you to build intimate relationships with your audience based on eliciting a strong desire for YOU
  3. An administrative hub that allows you to keep track of new leads, client contacts, calendar, and bookkeeping systems.

That’s it! You need only what is absolutely necessary for prospective clients to know, like and trust you.

What you don’t need is media exposure, fancy sales funnels, intricate lead magnets, multiple social media profiles or and email service provider.

You DO need to have a dedication to excellence, the willingness to become proficient in new technical skills and a strong desire for success.

In Summary…

To sum up, there’s more to this foundational premise than meets the eye. I discuss it in more depth in my Fast Guide To Empath Entrepreneur Start-Up. Enter your contact details to get immediate access to your free guide, as well as my email coaching series that will guide you through it, step-by-step.

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About the Author Dr Sophie Henshaw

As an Empath Entrepreneur, I’m especially interested in helping professional women who want to take their amazing skills into a new online business with the aim of building a location independent income. I’ve had over 10 years’ experience in creating a compelling online presence. In fact, if you Google: “Dr Sophie Henshaw,” you’ll get over 201,000 hits with all the posts, articles and media appearances I’ve made over the years. I’ve appeared on Channel 10, 6PR, Fremantle Herald and WA Today. I’ve had articles published in PsychCentral, Women’s Agenda, NineMSN Health, Rebelle Society and Huffington Post. I’m currently a Thought Catalog contributor. P.S. I also practice as a clinical psychologist in my "offline" life!

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