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WOOHOO! New Podcast: Free Spirited Empaths

I Started My Own Podcast!

I’ve just started my new podcast: “Free Spirited Empaths.” I’m so excited to share this with you, Empaths! 

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My podcast is for Empath Entrepreneurs, starting out in online business. You’ve probably had less than 18 months experience so far. What you’ve also had is few to zero clients and revenue!

I know how frustrating it can be to get NO TRACTION in your online business. Especially when you have such a deep desire to make a MASSIVE impact on a global audience. Not to mention a location-independent income!

If you’re a professional who wants to make a transition into an online space, this podcast is for you. However, like me, you’ve felt frustrated by the strict rules and regulations of your profession. What that means is, you can’t show up as YOURSELF without severe censure. I tackle how to make this transition in my podcast.

I created my podcast using the Anchor app (which is free and super easy to use). It gives you the option to listen while you’re out and about. Later on if my podcast proves to be useful, I’ll consider getting it professionally produced.

Download the app on your smart phone and listen to this podcast while you’re doing other things (walking, driving, washing up, etc.).

You’ll get essential advice about how to conceptualise your move into online business and the steps you can take to turn your dream into a reality.

Here’s the podcast again for you:

Get all the episodes here

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Or, if you want to listen to this podcast online, click here.

After you’ve listened, please do leave me a voice message with your questions on the podcast for Free Spirited Empaths and I’ll tackle them in a future episode.

In the meantime, I invite you to join me in my online group, Free Spirited Empaths where you’ll get heaps of valuable free training and encouragement on your way to your FIRST $5K online.

About the Author Dr Sophie Henshaw

As an Empath Entrepreneur, I’m especially interested in helping professional women who want to take their amazing skills into a new online business with the aim of building a location independent income. I’ve had over 10 years’ experience in creating a compelling online presence. In fact, if you Google: “Dr Sophie Henshaw,” you’ll get over 201,000 hits with all the posts, articles and media appearances I’ve made over the years. I’ve appeared on Channel 10, 6PR, Fremantle Herald and WA Today. I’ve had articles published in PsychCentral, Women’s Agenda, NineMSN Health, Rebelle Society and Huffington Post. I’m currently a Thought Catalog contributor. P.S. I also practice as a clinical psychologist in my "offline" life!

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