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Are You A Registered Professional Struggling To Get Clients Online?

You’re A Registered Professional With A Passion For Online Business…

As a registered professional, you may feel stymied by the stringent requirements of your professional association when it comes to marketing your online business.

You can’t just advertise your services online the way other businesses do, leaving you at a distinct disadvantage.

This is because you:

  • Aren’t allowed to make “unsubstantiated” claims
  • Cannot promote unnecessary use of regulated health services
  • Have restrictions on your ability to point out your unique selling proposition
  • Are forbidden to use testimonials
  • Etc…

In this article, I address three ways in which you can still have an online business, remain ethical and in integrity, but circumvent your registered professional’s requirements and still find success online.

1. Make Sure To Offer A Tangible Outcome

This is perhaps the trickiest skill to master, especially if you’re an Empath or Spiritual entrepreneur. That’s because in your offline business, people will typically see in order to “feel better.”

“Feeling better” isn’t a tangible outcome. For you to remain in integrity that’s not even an outcome you can promise for sure!

A tangible outcome is one your clients will have for sure when they work with you – that you can DEFINITELY deliver on.

For example, I could make a promise that if you complete my program, you’ll have a fully functioning WordPress website by the end of our work together.

Alternatively, I could also promise you’ll be able to write fully SEO-optimised blog articles!

(I have an article on content creation called “5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content Creation” that you might want to check out.)

These are outcomes I can promise for sure. They allow me to remain in integrity and deliver on my strengths.

A process isn’t the same as an outcome. For example, I could teach you Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), but will you HAVE as a result of learning EFT? You might clear some blocks or you might not. Promising something you can’t deliver on for certain will get you into trouble!

Now, let’s not get confused. Your outcome could well be metaphysical rather than physical, but still be something you can deliver on for sure.

For Example…

If you take a look at some of the most successful Spiritual entrepreneurs, they demonstrate tangible outcomes in action.

One of my favourite Hay House authors, Elizabeth Robinson, does this very well. She’s written a book called “There Are No Goodbyes” in which she makes a promise: Your consciousness continues even after the death of the physical body.

For her, she knows this as a tangible reality. She has embodied experience of the “dreamscape” as she calls it. Her clients have a DEEP DESIRE to have an embodied experience of metaphysical reality, but haven’t yet. Her book offers them a glimpse of what this feels like. Additionally, in her retreats she teaches participants how to have this experience.

It will take some considerable reflection and testing to come up with your specific, tangible outcome if you’re a spiritual practitioner. What I suggest is, do lots of research and speak to successful spiritual entrepreneurs to get the inspiration you need to discover your outcome.

2. Your Face-To-Face Clients Buy For Different Reasons Than Your Online Clients

Your offline clients buy from you because a face-to-face consultation gives them a different experience than an online one. They experience you in real time and you help them feel better. Your clients have the opportunity to meander and consider as many aspects of their lived experience as they need.

Clients may enjoy the process of working with you, even without receiving specific solutions. The interaction is one that occurs in real time and is multi-sensory.

The online world operates differently. It’s neither sensory nor embodied, it’s imaginative. It doesn’t operate in “real” time. You could post something today and five years later it will seem as fresh and inspiring to the person coming across it as it was on the day it was made.

Online is a world of possibility, NOT reality.

So important questions to ask are, who buys online and what do they buy? That will give you a clue as to where to start pitching your offering.

3. Keep Offline And Online Business Separate

Finally, it’s especially important if you’re a registered professional to keep a clear separation between your offline and your online business. In your online business, make no mention of your status as a registered professional.

You must offer something quite different. There may be a relationship between what you offer offline to online, but you cannot be seen to have an overlap.

For example, in my offline business, I work as a registered Clinical Psychologist with expertise in the area of workplace bullying. Although I’ve written a lot of articles on the subject and even have several online courses available, I found that my clients were far more interested in working with me offline in this area than online.

Consequently, after many years of persisting, this year I finally cut the cord entirely. My new program, “Empath Entrepreneur Startup” has NO relationship with my work as a psychologist. Rather it’s all about sharing the amazing array of skills I’ve learned over the years as an Empath Entrepreneur.

A good way to concretise this separation is having separate business structures for offline and online endeavours. All the accounting and bookkeeping should also be separate.

To Sum Up…

So there you have it – three tips for you if you’re a registered professional who wishes to take your business online. They are: 1) Make Sure To Offer A Tangible Outcome, 2) Your Face-To-Face Clients Buy For Different Reasons Than Your Online Clients and 3) Keep Offline And Online Business Separate.

Of course, there’s far, far more I could tell you on this subject because as you can tell, I’m passionate about it. To continue the conversation, please do join my free group, “Empaths Online” here.

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