5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content Creation

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Have you ever suffered from “writer’s block” when in content creation mode? What about procrastination, or deleting what you just spent an hour working on in a fit of self-loathing?

Ha! We’ve all been there. In this article, I’ll be covering the five ways you can EXPLODE your content creation and NEVER suffer from writer’s block again. I’ll show you how to set up a content creation bonanza.

5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content Creation

5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content CreationHave you ever suffered from “writer’s block” when in content creation mode? What about procrastination, or deleting what you just spent an hour working on in a fit of self-loathing?Ha! We’ve all been there. In this video, I cover the 5 ways you can EXPLODE your content creation and NEVER suffer from writer’s block again! I show you how to set up a content creation bonanza.It all starts with…

Posted by Empaths Online on Friday, 1 June 2018

1. It All Starts With Your Sales Page…

Starting with your sales page is a MUST. This will be the most complex step you’ll take but it’s worth every effort.

Firstly, let me preface that statement by saying, no, you don’t need a sales page to make a sale! Heck, my sales page doesn’t even have a “buy now” button!

But you DO need a sales page and here’s why:

Your sales page is a Love Manifesto to your dream client. In it you’re sending her a direct message that you understand the pain she’s going through and that your program offers her an ideal solution.

It offers a powerful and personal description of your three-step program (three because it’s easy to remember). It’s the cornerstone of everything you do. It’s where all your expertise comes together in one place.

Your WHOLE program is encapsulated in your sales page – without the need for the time-consuming creation of an online course; which, let’s face it, is going to be pretty hit-and-miss anyway when it comes to sales!

This is how your sales page is key to your content creation:

Every time you post anything on Facebook, go back and read your sales page. Get into the vibe of it. Then choose an aspect you’ll be focusing on in your post / video or blog article.

For example, my program is divided into three monthly parts: Easy-Peasy Systems, Teflon Boundaries and An Authentic Shiny YOU. This is what the first month looks like:

Content creation

When I’m looking for content for my next blog, all I have to do is review my first sentence! Right there is my next article: why you need (or don’t need) a WordPress site. Or what’s important to include on your Facebook page. Or anything to do with setting up your minimum viable online presence!

2. Eavesdrop In Facebook Groups

Make sure you pick three good Facebook groups where your dream clients are likely to hang out and focus only on those when it comes to posting, liking and commenting. Why? Because you want an opportunity to go deep with your dream clients and any more than three groups is overwhelming.

Then, in those groups pay attention to what people are saying that connects with any aspect of your program. Questions from members are a gold mine!

Let’s say you’re offering a financial literacy program and someone asks the question: “What’s the fastest time I can pay off my credit card debt?” GREAT! Now you can run a FB live directly addressing this person’s concerns.

Not only will she feel special that you’re paying attention to her issue and offering her value, but everyone else who has the same problem (*ahem* most of your potential clients) will also feel understood! This is a great way to showcase your expertise so that people can get to know, like and trust you.

If you’re in several Facebook groups and you don’t see anyone discussing topics within your area of expertise, no problem!

Go into the “search this group” bar and type in “credit card debt.” The search will bring up all the posts related to credit card debt. Read through the posts and comments, taking note of the language used. Then, run a Facebook Live video answering those concerns – using the same language as group members!

By the way, you may want to check out my article on how to make your videos more engaging if you want some useful tips to grab and maintain your viewers’ attention.

3. Get A Transcript

Once you’ve run your Facebook Live video, go to rev.com to order your captions (it only costs $1 per minute of video – a bargain if you keep your videos to under three minutes in length!). Over 85% of people who watch videos do so with the sound turned off. Adding captions means so many more people will actually see your message.

Your caption file will be in a .srt format which is easily uploadable to either Facebook or YouTube.

Then, at no extra cost, you can also select to receive a transcript file. Use that .txt file to edit it, thus creating a blog article for little extra effort!

Now you’ll have a video AND a blog article covering the same content! Great for people who love to read rather than watch video, thus increasing your reach.

4) Go To BuzzSumo

Go to BuzzSumo.com and open a free account. Then, use the same search term as you did in the Facebook group, “credit card debt.” It will return a list of the most popular viral articles online.

For example, as you can see, the search returns some very juicy results! The first article to show up has been shared 15.2K times on Facebook, so we know it’s a popular subject.

Content creation

Read the article and pay particular attention to the comments (if there are any). Then craft your content creation around whatever it is you’ve read that inspires you.

It’s always best to speak directly to that ONE person who’s asked a question, because…


That means your content will come across as intimate and your reader / viewer will feel like you’re addressing her directly. She’ll be thinking: “OMG, how does she know so much about MY situation? This is a message from the Universe.”

Keep hunting for viral articles related to your content creation. They’re also a gold mine for ideas and inspiration.

5. Send It To The Keeper

Sometimes you’ll be struggling with content creation and it doesn’t quite take form in the way you’d like. You have a vague idea but don’t know how to express it exactly.

No problem! Sleep on it and “send it to the keeper.” In other words, before you fall asleep, set your intention to have a fully formed idea in the morning.

Then, when you awake refreshed, your ideas are more likely to coalesce. This is especially true if you have an active morning routine because physical exercise can really shake out the mental fog and inspire clarity!

Walking is what the great philosophers such as Nietzsche, Thoreau, Kant, Rimbaud and Rousseau used to come up with their best ideas – insights that changed the world.

Simply enjoy nature and the physical movement of your body. Set thinking aside and let clarity bubble up from the pit of your stomach into you mind.

Final Words…

So there you go, 5 ways to EXPLODE your content creation online: 1. Start with your sales page, 2. Eavesdrop in Facebook groups, 3. Get a transcript, 4. Go to Buzzsumo and 5. Send it to the keeper.

If you’d like to continue the conversation, pase do join my Facebook group, Empaths Online and let’s connect. I can’t wait to support you in getting your first clients online!

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