The psychopath

How The Psychopath Succeeds And Why The Empath Doesn’t

How The Psychopath Succeeds  The success of the psychopath is both troubling and unerringly common. We see powerful men abuse their power more times than we can count. Lately, we have the Harvey Weinstein scandal and other high profile, powerful men. I hear one thing repeatedly in relation to psychopathic success. It’s: “I can’t believe he’s […]

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The Empath

What The Empath Needs To Know About Workplace Psychopaths

Are You An Empath Or A Psychopath?   If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re the Empath type. But what is that exactly? To answer that question, it’s useful to first consider the definition of a psychopath. The foremost authority on psychopaths is Dr Robert Hare, a Canadian psychologist who developed the now famous […]

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Create connection online

5 Tips To Create Connection Online For Empaths

How To Create Connection OnlineHow do you safely create connection online? If you’ve been bullied at work, it’s likely you’ll feel super-sensitive to the possibility of being abused again, especially online. The two most frequent complaints I hear from clients is that workplace bullying leaves them feeling: 1) Isolated and 2) Full of self-doubt Exacerbating this fear is […]

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Amber Harrison Channel 7

5 Crucial Mistakes Amber Harrison Made That Cost Her A Win Against Channel 7

July 2017: Goliath wielded his mighty power, crushing David into a thousand tiny pieces: such was the outcome of the battle between Amber Harrison Channel 7 and her employer. Her epic legal battle has caused her the loss of her career, reputation, income and perhaps even her sanity, leaving her on the verge of bankruptcy. […]

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Bad boss won’t give you a reference

What To Do When Your Bad Boss Won’t Give You A Reference

Your Bad boss won’t give you a reference… So What?A question I get asked a lot is: “What to when your bad boss won’t give you a reference?” If you’ve been working in a hostile environment, the chances are your boss has said to you: “You’re lucky to have a job!” and: “There are no […]

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Emotional mastery success

The Emotional Mastery Secret That Will Change Your Life

Do You Long For Emotional Mastery?In this article I want to share with you this deceptively simple but incredibly powerful emotional mastery secret. It’s the gateway to gaining mastery over overwhelming emotion, especially when you’re in a situation of high work stress. Firstly, let’s take a moment to define emotion.Emotion = energy in motion. Emotion […]

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Complaint to HR

5 Ways Your Emotions Could Sabotage A Complaint To HR

How Effective Is Your Complaint To HR?It’s no secret, workplace bullying is expensive. As a nation, Australia spends $6 to $36 billion per year. At least that’s what The Productivity Commission estimated in 2010. Now, almost a decade later, the have costs risen significantly.  Also, the rate of workplace bullying itself has also increased. At […]

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Worker's comp claim

5 Dirty Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Block Your Worker’s Comp Claim

Ready For A Worker’s Comp Claim For Psychological Injury?Imagine your bad boss (or co-worker) has abused you for the last time and you’re ready to crack. You’ve had enough and this time you’re going to do something about it. You feel angry, disrespected, you can’t sleep properly. You snap at the merest thing (especially at […]

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Ignorance is expensive

Ignorance Is Expensive: A Case Study

Ignorance Is Expensive – Is It Costing YOU?Jill Davidson* came from a loving family. She was outgoing, loved people and had a strong work ethic. Her father ran his own earth moving company and from an early age, Jill learned a lot about business and construction. However, she hadn’t learned that ignorance is expensive…   As […]

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work stress

Is Your Job Making You Cry? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do…

Is Your Job Making You Cry?Frequent teariness, anxiety, fearfulness, insomnia and changes in appetite are likely first symptoms of workplace stress. My clients who report these symptoms are also somewhat baffled by what could be the cause. They tell me, “I love my job and I’m good at it, so why does it suddenly upset […]

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