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Narcissistic boss

3 Successful Ways To Manage A Narcissistic Boss

About That Narcissist…What’s the most humiliating thing that could ever happen to you? It might be your mum entering your room while you’re masturbating, or inadvertently sexting an ex boyfriend. These personal events pale into insignificance compared with the more extreme end of public humiliation, such as David Cameron’s obscene act with a dead pig’s […]

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Mama bear

5 Signs You’re The Mama Bear of Your Work Family

What Is A Mama Bear?A Mama Bear is a spirit animal who represents maturity, skill, competence, intelligence and ferocious loyalty to her young. She will rip to shreds anyone who dares to interfere with her cubs; her teeth ripping into the interloper’s bloody flesh, without remorse or concern. In the context of the workplace, it doesn’t […]

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Survivor's guilt

Survivor’s Guilt: When Thriving After Workplace Mobbing Hurts

My Survivor’s Guilt Challenge By Janice Gilligan White (Guest Blogger) Did you know that survivor’s guilt can follow a workplace aggression event almost as naturally as anger and sorrow? At least it did for me. About two months into experiencing some major breakthroughs, I began to recognize a reoccurring thought following each victory: “How dare […]

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Workplace aggression

Workplace Aggression: Why “Let Go” Is Bad Advice

Have You Experienced Workplace Aggression? By Janice Gilligan White (Guest Blogger) If you’ve ever faced workplace aggression, you might have been told to let it go. To forget it. Just move on. But what if I told you that was bad advice? Perhaps it’s in the not letting go that you can find healing. Recently […]

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