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How to Make Your Facebook Live Videos More Engaging

Make Your Facebook Live Videos Sparkle!

Here are seven practical tips you need in order to make your Facebook Live videos more engaging:

1. Equipment

The camera that comes with your computer or laptop is often not equal to the task and doesn’t render a clear, crisp enough image. I find the Logitech C922 (the latest version) is a good, serviceable camera and it’s on special for for $90.30 at all Australian JB HiFi stores right now! The latest version even comes with its own tripod! You can order online or buy in store.

I updated mine because after almost 2 years, the autofocus in my C920 started playing up (you might notice it in the above Facebook Live videos).

2. Lighting

Make sure you’re sitting in front of a window during the day so that the light falls on your face. It gives you a brighter glow. If you sit with the window behind you, it darkens your face and can make you look “shifty.” A great tool to use is a ring light, especially if you’re doing Facebook Live videos after the sun’s gone down and artificial light just doesn’t cut it.

The one I use looks like the image below. I can set it on my desk and have it shining in my face – it lights up your eyes and gives you a lovely glow. You can buy one here for $179.95 – but no harm in shopping around (I have something similar):

3. Set-Up

Make sure your camera is at the right height: A little higher than your head, so you’re looking up at it slightly works well. If you have your laptop in your lap and you’re looking down at the camera, it gives the impression of you looking down at your viewer – and no one wants to be looked down on!

I use a little table, on top of which I have a box that I place my laptop on. You can also buy special stands at places like Ikea or OfficeWorks that will do the same thing. Elevated just above your desk works well.

I also make sure my camera settings are such that the brightness, colour saturation and contrast conveys an image of warmth and liveliness. The Logitech C920 doesn’t allow you to change the settings, but that’s easily fixed by downloading an app called “Logitech Gaming Software” where you can adjust the settings to get the colour and lighting effects you need.

4. Composition

Use the “rule of thirds” in your Facebook Live videos. This is where you position yourself one third of the way into the frame – left or right works as well. It’s more pleasing on the eye, plus you can use the extra space to set up text boxes to make a point if need be. Centring yourself in the middle of the frame doesn’t look as interesting.

5. Context

It’s good to have a background that showcases your personality in some way – as long as it’s not clutter! In my Facebook Live videos, I often sit in my consulting room with a bookcase, salt lamp and plant behind me as it conveys warmth and friendly authority. A plain background can also work well, but make sure it’s a solid block colour – like white (or sometimes black). Grey washes you out!

6. Great software to run Facebook Live videos with lower thirds and logos are:

Mac: Ecamm Live: http://www.ecamm.com

As a Mac user, I enjoy the Ecamm Live software as it allows you to create a “lower third” where I have my name and title at the bottom of the screen. I also have my logo, top left. I LOVE it! It’s what I use and you only pay a one-time fee of $39.95. 

Windows: BeLive: https://belive.tv/ 

You can customise the window so it shows lower thirds and logos, etc… You can get their stuff for free, but for a few more bells and whistles, consider the “Lite” version after you’ve trialled the free version here: https://belive.tv/packages.

7. Your Message

Lastly, but most importantly, here’s what you need to consider when delivering your message on your Facebook Live videos:

  1. Keep It Short – If someone’s visiting your FB page for the first time and they don’t know you very well, a good length to keep someone engaged is under two minutes.
  2. Takeaway Messages – With the shorter Facebook Live videos, it’s ideal if you have only one takeaway message. As a rule of them though, even on longer videos, no more than three main points works well.
  3. Give VALUE – Make sure that the message you’re giving your viewer is something they want. Focus on giving them value
  4. Avoid The Fluff – “Ums” and “Ahs” are just wasted space and no one wants to hear them. Equally, no one wants to hear “Oh and Jane’s just joined us now, hello Jane!” GET TO THE POINT! Nothing will put off your viewer more from watching your whole Facebook Live videos.
  5. Remember: Attention Spans Are Short Online! Keep your message short, engaging and valuable.
  6. Practice Makes Perfect! The first Facebook Live videos you make may well be a disaster. That’s OK! You’ll get better as you practice and before long, you’ll be holding your audience’s attention for even longer than two minutes!

Then, if you get stuck with a lack of inspiration in your content creation, my article on the “5 Masterful Ways To EXPLODE Your Content Creation Onlinewill help you get over those blocks.

Final Words…

I hope these seven tips have helped you create more engaging Facebook Live videos. Do join me in my Empaths Online Facebook group if you’d like to continue the conversation there. 


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