Workplace Evidence Gathering Kit – WAFWS

Your Story Is Your Gold!


Crafting a compelling story describing what happened to you is super important. Then, if you use it to write a clear and compelling official letter of complaint, it can mean the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful outcome.


The downloads you receive here will help you put together the elements you need for a successful complaint. Take your time to gather your evidence and put it together in the manner suggested below:



Click on each link to download the following:  


Bullying Behaviours & Symptoms


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Two Checklists

1) The 30 most common tactics used by workplace bullies 2) 33 of the most frequent mental and physical symptoms suffered as a result of being targeted.



Evidence Form


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Go through the checklists to identify which items apply to you, then add them (along with your factual description of incidents) to the re-usable evidence form included (an editable pdf file), which you can then file in your chronological timeline.




Official Complaint Letter

Referencing the checklist and all your evidence, use this template to write an official letter to succinctly summarise the issues. Describe only the facts with no emotional hooks (remember: HR don’t care how you feel).